The Benefits of Compost

Compost is a high-quality soil amendment that delivers valuable nutrients for healthy soils.

The loop starts with organics recycling and continues its journey through the composting process to its final stage, becoming an amendment to the agriculture community. All stages contribute to closing the loop and benefiting not only the agricultural community, but also society and the environment as a whole.


Improve soil structure with positive microbial activity, increased organic matter and optimized moisture retention. This results in better nutrient uptake and healthier soils and crops. It also means protection against erosion and runoff.


As the compost comes from source separated organics, it contains an abundance of nutrients to perfectly complement the soil and meet horticultural or agricultural needs.


The slow release of nutrients ensures that your soil amendments continue to be powerful throughout the year with strong holding capacity to provide long-term growth.


Compost provides a higher source of organic carbon allowing the nutrients to be more stabilized by having a greater H2O holding capacity.


Soil pH is essential to maintain at ideal levels in order to maximize the absorption and retention of nutrients. Compost helps to neutralize acidic or alkaline soils as well as maintain healthy pH levels.

It’s a Beneficial Soil Amendment for a Variety of Sectors

  • Agriculture
  • Soil Blending
  • Landscaping
  • Retail
  • Urban Farming
  • Municipal Community Programs
  • Other
An Effective Solution for Multiple Purposes

An Effective Solution for Multiple Purposes

Our compost customers integrate both Source Separated Organics (SSO) and biosolids to enhance their turf, lawns, mulch, ag solutions, corn, apples, grains, soybeans, cherries, berries, nuts, oilseeds and more.

Tested and CFIA Certified

All our products are tested regularly through an accredited lab. It is our priority to ensure all regulations and standards are met with our compost before it leaves the door.

Tested and CFIA Certified

How would we describe it, physically?

Our compost is a fine, brown, earthy mixture that is easily spreadable. It is recommended that it be mixed at a 1:10 ratio with your soil.

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